When your baby dies

October 15th International Day of Remembrance

We knew that our girls were very sick from 20 weeks gestation. They were diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. The doctors thought they would both die. Miraculously, I carried them for 10 more weeks when they were born.

Kathryn was very, very ill from the damage caused to her body from TTTS. Charis was severely growth restricted and only weighed 1lb 10 oz. The prognosis was not good. After two days, Kathryn lost her battle and passed away in my arms. Charis would fight hard and spent 12 weeks in the NICU before finally coming home. Now she is a healthy, rambunctious, 4-year-old.

The loss of my daughter and the trauma of 12 weeks in the NICU with a four and just turned 2-year-old at home nearly broke me. I did not know how I would survive. But I did.

Then I started writing and sharing about grief, loss, prematurity, and TTTS. I wrote/compiled/edited my first book, Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother. And I started an organization to help grieving mothers.

I established Sunshine After the Storm (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) about one year after the loss of my infant daughter Kathryn. We provide encouragement, hope, and light to grieving mothers through the delivery of care packages to grieving mothers. We fill these packages with items to bring the mothers comfort and love.


We are remembering all of our children today that are not with us. In this month of awareness, I have made it my goal to clear the queue of package requests. We have over 40 at this point.

I have to be honest, I made a booboo. As the package requests came in and we did not have the funding to send them, rather than asking for help, I got overwhelmed and shut down. And now we’re in a position that I need a tremendous amount of help in order to send these mamas the love and light and encouragement we promised them.

If you are able to share even a small donation, every little bit helps. We spend between $25-$35 per package, including shipping.

If you’d rather send items for the packages in lieu of a cash donation, we have a wish list on Amazon.

Can you make a donation to support Sunshine After the Storm for the October 15th International day of Remembrance?

 The demand is high and we are always in need of donations.

Or perhaps you’d like to participate in a shopping event and start getting your Christmas gifts?

Jamberry Fundraiser for Sunshine After the Storm

We are selling these awareness wraps AND have an active fundraiser. 40% of all sales are being donated to Sunshine After the Storm.

pregnancy & infant loss awareness nail wraps October 15th International Day of Remembrance


You may also order your wraps to support Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month through this form: