Words of Encouragement for Moms

I had a really bad day yesterday.

Like REALLY bad.

My kids were driving me crazy. Noise was driving me crazy. EVERYTHING was driving me crazy.

I felt overwhelmed and ready to not just lose the cape, but to turn it in for ever.

I never knew how hard motherhood could be. I never realized how badly I would miss complete independence. Yesterday I just wanted to run away.

It happens sometimes.

I reached out to some other moms that I knew would understand, and their words of encouragement lifted me greatly. If nothing else, I knew I was not the only mom to have these feelings of frustration, discontent, and even disappointment.

And then today, the strangest thing happened. And this has happened a few times since my mom gave me this book, Hugs: Daily inspiration for moms.

I opened it up to today’s daily inspiration: January 23rd.

The title: “Sharing Words of Encouragement.”

The scripture: “Good people’s words will help many others. Proverbs 10:21”

words of encouragement

And in the daily “hug” it says: “Moms: when you share the gift of encouragement, you share a priceless gift with the world…”

As a mom who desperately needed some words of encouragement yesterday and this week, and received them from other moms, I can attest to this point!

If you’re having a rough time at whatever stage of motherhood you are in, know that you are doing a good job, your children LOVE you, you ARE appreciated, and you are NOT ALONE.


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