Working Mom’s Perspective: How I do it

Editors Note: I love how today’s guest writer, Ambrosia Brody, squeezes out every ounce of time during her day to make it happen for her family. I hope you’ll enjoy her perspective on how she gets it all done as a working mom. 

Moms in general are often asked “How do you do it?” How do you run a household, take care of infants, toddlers or teenager all while holding down a job? Each of us has a different answer, and here is mine: How do I balance work, family, household, chores, responsibilities and personal sanity?

Working mom

This is how:

By emailing the pediatrician about my toddler’s refusal to drink milk while standing in line at Starbucks for a morning coffee.

By laying out my and my daughters clothes the night before school, having the clothing battle with my 2 ½ year old then instead of the next morning – saving precious time.

By tossing a banana and pre-packaged salad into my lunch bag, while cutting heart-shaped cheese and turkey slices for my daughter the night before work and school, double checking she has a fork but constantly forgetting to do the same for myself.

By snapping photos of my daughters playing in the play area directly in view from the kitchen counter where I peel, cut, steam and puree fruits and veggies to freeze for the infant.

By sneaking away to the bathroom where I upload the photos taken throughout the day, stalling for time behind the locked door for the perfect hashtag and caption before pressing post.

By encouraging the toddler to bring out her miniature vacuum to “help” vacuum the living room and play area carpets, then together sweeping the kitchen – her with the mini-broom and me with the adult sized version — where I follow behind her picking up whatever remnants that floated from the dust pan she carried to the trash can.

By taking photos of checks and depositing them via SmartPhone while pumping in a designated break room in the office; if time allows, snippets of a reality show is watched as the machine whirls in the background.

By sending out an email to the teacher agreeing to make play dough for the class and signing up to provide pumpkin bread to the bake sale while printing an agenda for the upcoming staff meeting.

By calling the terminator, chiropractor and MyGym in between taking bites of a salad and gulps of water during a 30 minute lunch.

By sending out text/facebook message/email to fellow mom pals during a 15 minute afternoon walk in the office parking lot confirming a playdate before going back into the office to edit copy.

By lunging, squatting and lifting in the backyard while the toddler mimics my moves and the infant awaits a yell of “boo!” each time I squat down or lunge back.

By sending out a text to my best friend to finalize plans for dinner while nursing the infant as the toddler jumps on the couch.

By sending out an email to the Bounce House selecting the princess themed jumpy and providing time of drop off for the kids birthday parties while nursing the infant on the opposite site – the toddler is now rolling on the floor.

By loading the girls into the shopping cart at target, stopping for popcorn for the toddler before speed walking from aisle to aisle picking up birthday gifts for the two upcoming parties, a card for a friend’s engagement, rice for the night’s dinner and a pack of underwear – for me.

By having my daughter brush her teeth alongside me, leaving her at the sink to pick out an outfit for tomorrow’s workday.

[bctt tweet=”#workingmoms “I read 2 toddler while nursing the infant as hubs feeds dogs & closes up house”” via=”yes”]

By reading Pinkalicious to the toddler on her bedroom floor while nursing the infant as my husband feeds the dogs their pills and closes up the house.

By giving the infant to my husband to rock back to sleep as I put the toddler to bed – stuffed animals, three nightlights and a plink blanket – kiss and hug goodnight with promises to check on her through the night.

By taking the infant from my husband, whispering goodnight, laying the infant beside me in the bed where she nurses as I read on the Kindle.

By asking my husband to open the door as I slide off the bed to the infant’s room to lay her down, cussing when her eyes open the second she touches the sheets. Walk back to the room where my husband scoots back the blanket for us to get back in bed.

By walking away from the pile of laundry/to do list/ pile of dishes in the sink and sitting on the floor to play puzzles and peek a boo with the girls, knowing it can all be tackled later.

How do you do it?

Ambrosia Brody headshot (1)Ambrosia Brody is a full time working editor, journalist and mom to two spirited girls under the age of three. Connect with her on her blog or on Twitter at @AVBrody.

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