8 Things Working Moms Of Teens Must Do To Keep Sane

8 Things Working Moms Of Teens Must Do To Keep Sane

Our teenagers drive us to the end of our rope. By the end of the day, everyone’s emotions can be frazzled. Are you the working mom who comes home to constant chaos and stress? You thought it was supposed to be easier when they grew up, but realizing it is actually harder?

It is important for parents to take the time to balance themselves for some good ‘ol me time. Resetting that clock as a mom can help you keep your sanity, and your teen will notice it.

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8 things working moms of teens must do to keep sane:

  1. Learn to like reading – Get off Pinterest and Facebook and all the other screen time distractions, and head to your local library. Find something you will enjoy, and dive in. You can read when your kids are at practice, or before bed to help you wind down.
  2. Bubble bath – If you have a nice soaker tub in your house, it probably collects more dust than it does its intended function – relaxing you. You need that time, at least once a week. Put it on the calendar!
  3. Exercise – Exercise, woo hoo, exercise….You have to! You do not have to learn to run a marathon, but destressing from the fight you had with your teen about him buying a violent video game with his own money, deserves a nice run or yoga class. You can also try to workout in the morning to start your day off right!
  4. Get a Hobby – Look into free library classes for fun things to do. Grab another mom of a teen and get away for an evening.
  5. Enjoy your Teen – What do you love about your teenager? Embrace it! If your teen loves the outdoors, go on an evening hike together, or even a road trip! Bonding with your teen at this age will make them only grow closer to you as they grow up. It will also help you notice and focus on the good in your teen. You both need this.
  6. Enjoy Your Partner – When the kids were babies and you thought you would have all this time to “date” when they grew up, you realize this is far from true. You need to take time for each other. Go for an overnight stay somewhere. No one will call because the baby won’t sleep through the night. Though, be sure to leave a responsible adult in your absence. Do not leave your teen at home alone overnight, or you are asking for trouble or a call from your neighbors.
  7. Family night – Yes, a family night can be harder than it used to be. You cannot just throw on a Disney movie and pop some popcorn. Though, it can be more fun than ever. Pull out old photos of the family and reminisce what it was like when your teen was small. You need to laugh, and this will get you laughing!
  8. Family Meals – Try your hardest to eat together. This will keep you sane because families who eat together have healthier kids. Keep it simple by planning meals ahead of time and throwing them in the crock pot to avoid the time that making dinner can take in the evenings after work.

It is no doubt that teenagers are hard to relate to. Remember, though, you were an “all knowing teen” at one point as well. Step back, take some “you” time and re-engage with your family, and yourself. The teenage years will soon be gone, and so will your baby. Embrace these moments.

Tyler Jacobson is a husband, father, freelance writer and outreach specialist with experience with organizations that help troubled teens and parents. His areas of focus include parenting, social media, addiction, mental illness, and issues facing teenagers today.

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