You Are Enough…

We hear those words, and yet, it’s often really hard to digest them.

You are enough.

You ARE enough.

How often as a mom do you beat yourself up?

I should have …

I could have …

I didn’t …

I blew it …

Did I make the right choice?

It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other mothers, and often judge ourselves for not being as good as she is. How does she do it all? Why can she get her kids to behave? Why can’t I…

I’m terrible about comparing myself to other people. Not just mothers, but across the board. With everything I do. Am I enough? (I even wrote a post on Bon Bon Break with that exact title!)lose the cape

The challenges of motherhood, and the constant comparison and fear that I’m not doing this gig well enough led me to want to help other mothers who might be struggling like I am. As Kerry so eloquently stated:

Part of the reason I elected to write, “Lose the Cape” is because I wanted to create something that doesn’t criticize moms and place even greater weight on their already heavy shoulders. Rather, I wanted to spread a message that we do the best we can and feel good about the choices we make for our families. Will you make the right choices every single time? Probably not, but who does?

Our book“Lose the Cape” will be launching next week. We are pumped. We chose this date specifically because Mother’s Day is about two weeks after our book hits the shelves. Our gift for you on Mother’s Day is to let you know that all of us struggle in motherhood, so cut yourself some slack. Don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to another mother. Be kind to your mother.

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The other day a package unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep. I order from Amazon all the time, so this wasn’t terribly surprising, but I couldn’t remember ordering anything that week.

I opened it up and found a box from Shop Compliment. I had never heard of this store. I thought maybe this was a mistake.

I continued opening and found this:

shop compliment

My heart literally swelled! I could not believe what a lovely gift Kerry, my partner in this incredible journey, sent to me. I put on the bracelet immediately.

shop compliment bracelet

Isn’t that gorgeous? Not only did the message and thoughtfulness behind it make me feel wonderful, each time I look at this bracelet I am encouraged. And these last few weeks have been challenging!

The bracelet came from a company Kerry discovered last fall, Shop Compliment.  We encourage you to read the owner’s story, and to support her growing business. Her jewelry pieces are handmade and delivered with a compliment.

You are kind.

You are super.

You are loved.

You are a friend.

You are ENOUGH.

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you are enough shop-compliment

You can customize your compliment, or select from a list of options. You can pick a piece for a friend, or treat yourself.

So as Kerry and I started putting the finishing touches on “Lose the Cape,” we could think of no better partner and company to reach out to for a little giveaway.

Details are on Kerry’s blog, and the winner will receive a $75 gift card to use at the Shop Compliment online store. Thank you Melissa!

To all who have already purchased a copy of “Lose the Cape,” thank you. The Kindle version will be delivered April 23. Print copies debut on April 28. To increase visibility for the book, we’d love your help in spreading the word, and welcome reviews on Amazon. Those will help others learn more, and it boosts our visibility on the Amazon site.

We hope you’ll participate in the giveaway. The winner is going to be one stylish, lucky girl!

And don’t forget about our other big giveaway – copies of books, swag bag, other books from moms we interviewed for the book. Enter here:

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  1. I am seriously so excited to share your book with my readers next week, as it is really a wonderful read for all moms to help them with whatever they feel they might be struggling with. And also love the bracelet Kerry sent to you..beautiful 😉

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